Module 4

Ti-Max Bone Grafting & Hands On Cadaver Weekend

February 23-25, 2024


Friday: Dr. Stewart and Dr. Elliot

  • Surgical Instrumentation
  • Soft Tissue Wound Healing
  • Flap Design and Implant Surgery
  • Atraumatic and Surgical Exodontia
  • Cadaver Surgeries:
    Flap Elevation and Manipulation Techniques
    Multiple Implant Placements

Friday Evening:

  • Case presentations (Session 2)

Saturday: Dr. Stewart and Dr. Elliot

  • Head and Neck Anatomy Review
  • Bone Grafting- Techniques and Materials
  • Advanced Bone Grafting Techniques: Onlay Block Graft, Direct Sinus Lift Ridge Expansion
  • Cadaver Surgeries:
    Anatomy Dissections
    Bone Grafting- Block and Particulate
    Onlay Grafts, Bone Expansion, Direct and Indirect Sinus Lifts

Sunday: Dr. Stewart

  • Bone Physiology and Wound Healing
  • Demonstration Surgery:
    Extraction and Socket Graft
  • Demonstration Surgery:
    Direct Sinus Lift
  • Jay Mandel From Horst Belasko Dental Lab Presents:
    Prosthetics from the Lab’s Perspective, Surgical Guides and Verification Jigs

Friday and Saturday of this Module of the Maxicourse are open to Dentists not participating in the entire Maxicourse. Follow this link for more information. Limited Availability.

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