The Ti-Max Soft Tissue Grafting Course

CDE Hours: 21
Tuition: $4,499 + HST
February 7-9, 2025

Do you have patients that require soft tissue grafting? Do they ask if it is serious, complain of the appearance or sensitivity of their teeth? Periodontics has changed. It’s not just scaling and pocket reduction surgery. Today’s patients need more and they want you, the Dentist they trust, to take care of them. This course will teach you how to perform the soft tissue grafting procedures that your patients require. This course has been condensed to three exciting days retaining only the most relevant, useful information to allow the participant to receive the most educational value of any periodontal program available today. If you are looking to add soft tissue grafting to your skill set, don’t miss this course!

Course Objective

The Ti-Max Soft Tissue Grafting Course is designed to give participants a comprehensive understanding of the three main soft tissue grafting techniques used in dentistry today- The Epithelial Graft, The Connective Tissue Graft and The Allograft Connective Tissue Graft. Participants will learn the indications for grafting, when to use each technique, and in three separate hands-on labs will perform these grafts on pig’s jaws.

You will learn:

  • Medical Evaluation of the Patient
  • Surgical Anatomy
  • Physiology of the Periodontium
  • The Concept of Biologic Width
  • Gingival Biotypes
  • Advanced Micro-Suturing Techniques
  • The Epithelial (Free Gingival Graft Technique)
  • The Connective Graft Technique
  • The Allograft Connective Tissue Graft Technique

You Will Perform on Models and Pig’s Jaws:

  • Complex Advanced Micro-Suturing Techniques
  • Epithelial Grafting
  • Connective Tissue Grafting
  • Allograft Connective Tissue Grafting

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