Ti-MAX Masters Series – I2C

340 Hours CDE (30 days- 10 weekends)
Tuition: $23,000
Begins: November 25, 2016

The AAID Maxicourse has been in existence for over 30 years with 13 locations in 6 countries The American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) is the oldest dental implant organization in the world, founded in 1951 and has over 4,000 members worldwide. It is committed to the advancement of dental implant treatment through education, research and credentialing of dentists who provide implant treatment. Don’t be fooled by fake Academies with similar names. Click on the AAID logo at the bottom of the page and learn more of the benefits of membership in the AAID

Ti-MAX Institute


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    • Module 1

      Foundations I

      November 29 – December 1, 2024


      Friday: Dr. Stewart

      • Course introduction
      • Introduction to Dental Implantology
      • Biomechanics, Biomemetics, Biomaterials
      • Introduction to Home Study Program/ MC Classroom

      Saturday: Dr. Arvanitis

      • Introduction to treatment planning

      Sunday: Rita Bauer:

      • Dental Photography

    • Module 2

      Foundations II

      January 10-12, 2025


      Friday: Dr. Stewart

      • Medical History and Clinical Exam
      • Patient Selection and Evaluation
      • Local anaesthesia

      Saturday: Dr. Stewart and Phil Hudson

      • Oral Radiology, CBCT imaging
      • Viewing software, BSB Hands-on
      • Medical Pharmacology
      • MaxiCourse Classroom, Case Planning

      Sunday: Dr. Stewart

      • Aseptic Technique
      • Introduction to Implant Surgery
      • Demo Surgery – stage 1 implant placement
      • LAB: Intro to Implant Surgery Kits

    • Module 3

      Prosthetics I

      January 31 – February 2, 2025


      Friday: Dr. Arvanitis

      • Occlusion Part 1. The Simulation of Occlusion-Articulators
      • LAB: Articulator demo, Face-bow
      • Occlusion Part 2. Occlusion & Records
      • LAB: taking of occlusal records
      • Occlusion Part 3. Implant occlusion
      • Implant prosthetic systems x 4

      Saturday: Dr. Arvanitis

      • Advanced Treatment Planning, Keys for Success
      • Treatment Sequencing some cases

      Sunday: Dr. Arvanitis and Donna Wells

      • Introduction to Implant Prosthetic systems
      • Office Emergencies

    • Module 4

      Bone Grafting & Mock Surgeries

      February 21-23, 2025


      Friday: Dr. Stewart and Dr. Elliot

      • Surgical Instrumentation
      • Surgical Principles
      • Flap elevation/implant Surgery/implant positioning, lab guides
      • Atraumatic and Surgical Exodontia
      • Cadaver Mock Surgeries:
        Flap Elevation and Manipulation Techniques
        Multiple Implant Placements

      Saturday: Dr. Stewart and Dr. Elliot

      • Head and Neck Anatomy Review
      • Bone Grafting- Techniques and Materials
      • Cadaver Mock Surgeries
      • Bone Grafting – Focus on the Sinus
      • Suturing Techniques and Hands-on lab
      • Cadaver Mock Surgeries
      • Bone Grafting – onlay, expansion techniques
      • Suturing, Anatomy Dissections

      Sunday: Dr. Stewart

      • Bone Physiology and Healing
      • Demonstration Surgery:
        Sinus Lift
      • Clinical Session – Patient Examinations
      • Case Presentations

    • Module 5

      Implant Periodontics

      March 28-30th, 2025


      Friday: Dr. Stewart and Sebastiano Andreanna

      • Guided Surgery
      • Guided Surgery Hands on

      Saturday: Sebastiano Andreanna

      • Periodontits and Systemic Disease
      • Implant Periodontics
      • Piezosurgy

      Sunday: Sebastiano Andreanna

      • Soft Tissue Grafting and Hands on
      • Drug interactions and dental implants

    • Module 6

      Adv Implant Tech l

      April 25-27, 2025


      Friday: Dr. Arvanitis and Dr. Stewart

      • Blood concentrates PRF and bone grafting
      • Venupuncture demo
      • Hands-on Particulate onlay graft
      • System Review Straumann
      • Model Surgery
      • Case reviews

      Saturday: Clinical Faculty

      • Clinical Day 1 (Treatment Session 1,2,3)

      Sunday: Clinical Faculty

      • Clinical Day 2 (Treatment Session 4,5,6)

    • Module 7

      Adv Implant Tech lI

      May 23-25, 2025


      Friday: Dr. Stewart and Dr. Arvanitis

      • Immediate Placement
      • Immediate Provisionalization
      • System Review Nobel Biocare
      • Model Surgery
      • Case reviews

      Saturday: Clinical Faculty

      • Clinical Day 1 (Treatment Session 7, 8, 9)

      Sunday: Clinical Faculty

      • Clinical Day 2 (Treatment Session 10, 11, 12)

    • Module 8

      Prosthetics ll & Complications

      September 19-21, 2025


      Friday: Dr. Arvanitis

      • Implant Prosthetics step by step
      • Implant Prosthetics step by step
      • Hands On Lab: Impression Taking, Locator Pick up, Verification
      • Guided Surgery
      • CAD/CAM Prosthetics
      • Hands-On Lab: Guided Surgery, Planning Software

      Saturday: Dr. Stewart

      • Complications, Prevention, management and maintenance
      • Insurance Plans, codes and Fees
      • Stage 2 Surgery

      Sunday: Clinical Faculty

      • Clinical Day 5 (Treatment Session 13-17)

    • Module 9

      Adv. Implant Prosthetics

      October 3-5, 2025


      Friday & Saturday: Dr. Shankar Iyer

      • Advanced Implant Prosthetics

      Friday Evening: Course Dinner

      Sunday: Dr. Arvanitis and Dr. Stewart

      • Clinical Day 6 (Treatment Sessions 18-22)

    • Module 10

      Putting it All Together

      October 31 – November 2, 2025


      Friday: Dr. Arvanitis

      • The Practice of Your Dreams
      • Join Dr. Arvanitis for a very motivational presentation as he shares the secrets of how he built and operates one of the most successful dental practices in the world.

      Saturday: Dr. Arvanitis and Dr. Stewart

      • Clinical Day 7 (Treatment Sessions 23-27)

      Sunday: Dr. Stewart and AAID Staff

      • Course review
      • AF Part 1 Examination

    Benefits & Reasons to take the Ti-Max Implant Maxicourse

    • 21 Clinical sessions where participants will treat patients. More clinical experience than any other program in Canada
    • No patient. No problem. We’ll even supply the patient. Ask us how!
    • THREE days of hands-on labs
    • THREE days of cadaver training with anatomy review and mock surgeries
    • Meets and exceeds the “New Guidelines” – “Educational Requirements & Professional Responsibilities for Implant Dentistry”
    • Develops your ability to create comprehensive treatment planning capabilities
    • Course participants will be eligible to take the Part 1, AAID Associate Fellow exam (*see note below)
    • Credit for Fellowship and Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry
    • Multiple distinguished faculty members to provide a broad perspective on implantology
    • 12 month membership in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry
    • Subscription to the Journal of Oral Implantology, AAID News, Implant Insights, Digital Newsletter
    • In depth review of surgical and restorative protocols
    • Non commercial course covering the spectrum of implant types and systems
    • Use of multiple implant systems on the course
    • No implant system purchase required
    • Excellent review of fundamental sciences and comprehensive treatment planning
    • Practice management module to market your implant practice
    • Online mentorship throughout the program
    • Participants may charge their professional fees to their patients to help recover the tuition
    • Clinical sessions are differentiated according to the previous experience and educational requests of the participant. Sessions will be tailored to focus on surgical, prosthetic and/or advanced techniques as required by the participant to maximize their educational experience.

    * Application fee of USD 1050 is not included in the tuition. This fee covers Part 1 of the Associate Fellow exam
    * Part 2 of the Associate fellow exam is an additional USD 150.


    Dr. George Arvanitis

    I took the Ultimate Aesthetics course with Dr. Wilhite almost 20 years ago. This course dramatically changed my practice and in my opinion is the best course on direct bonding in existence. Corky is down to earth and an amazing clinician. This course is a must for every Dentist.

    Dr. George Arvanitis

    Kathleen M Casacci

    Although I had been restoring implants for 15 years, I had not placed a single implant in my own office prior to my Ti-Max Ontario course. At course conclusion I was fully prepared to pass the AAID written exam for Associate Fellowship and have placed more then 50 implants in my office in the first 9 months following the completion of the course. The Ontario Implant Maxicourse course has been the best return on investment of and CE course I have ever taken. The content of the program and accessibility of the instructors was incredible. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting a comprehensive surgical and didactic learning experience in implant dentistry.

    Kathleen M Casacci, FAGD DDS

    Weidong Pei

    This course is a must for every GP who is inspired to perform the best implant dentistry. I have taken many implant courses, and this one was by far, the best.

    Weidong Pei, BSc PhD DDS

    Carmelo Domenicucci

    I have taken a myriad of implant courses with my first implant placement in 1997. The Implant Maxicourse has delivered the finest and most comprehensive dental implant course that I have experienced. It is a true residency calibre course.

    Carmelo Domenicucci, MSc PhD DDS