Weekend 1

April 6-8, 2018


Anatomy and physiology of the periodontal tissues. critical landmarks, biologic width, gingival biotypes.
Etiology, diagnosis of periodontal diseases and the role of occlusion.
Identification of risk factors for periodontal diseases.
Treatment planning; Non-surgical periodontal treatment using antimicrobial agents.
Principles of flap design, Principles of suturing


Hands on animal tissues:

  • Flap Design
  • Materials and suture techniques
  • Resective surgery including bone recontouring techniques.


Clinical activities on Patients:

  • Examination and Treatment Planning
  • Collection of medical history, periodontal indices, probing, and occlusal analysis.
  • Identifications of the Free Gingival Margin, Mucogingival Junction, calculating clinical attachment level.
  • Interpretation of radiographic findings.
  • Preparation of Treatment Plan based on Diagnosis.