Weekend 2

Sept 16-18, 2016
May 5-7, 2017


Friday: Dr. George Arvanitis

  • Occlusion for the GP Dentist.
    Everything you need to know about occlusion and it’s role in full mouth reconstruction. This informative lecture with hands on exercises will take your level of understanding about occlusion to a new level.
  • Introduction to Implant Prosthetic systems.
    A combination of lecture and hands on learning will demystify implant prosthetics.

Friday evening: Dr. Rod Stewart

  • Patient records and the use of Consult Pro software.


  • Join Dr. Sibel Antonsen for a very informative session about dental adhesives, resins, composites, porcelains, and the bonding process. You will learn the difference between these materials, and where, when and how to use them properly. This is absolutely critical knowledge for all GP dentists because it applies to what we do every day.

Sunday: Rita Bauer

  • Renowned dental photographer Rita Bauer will demystify dental photography and show you how to properly take the photographs essential to cosmetic dentistry. Learn how to document your work, impress your patients and even how to take portraits. She will also discuss the use of photography for marketing and procuring new patients.

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